Oklahoma Correctional Industries (OCI): Therapeutic Offender Workforce Empowerment Reentry Support (TOWERS) Team provides opportunities to adults in custody (AIC) at 13 locations across the State of Oklahoma comprising 18 factories, four PIECEP and 11 Partnerships, historically averaging an employment base of 1200 offenders. TOWERS is uniquely situated within OCI work training programs. Our specialists work on soft skill development, technical training, and reentry planning with AICs while they are still incarcerated; however, their efforts do not stop once AICs are released. TOWERS aims to support OCI men and women, beyond working for OCI, to continue the employment, education and training related community integration efforts upon release. To that end, our TOWERS program assists with employment services to released AICs and the business community. We also work with dedicated community partners. OCI invests in AICs futures, as well as the communities they will serve.