Tayco One Touch Table

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  • Specifications:
    • Table:
      • The One-Touch Flip-Top mobile table is available in depths of 24 and 30 inches, and widths of 36, 42, 48, 60, and 72 inches, and is optional with a 4 inch charcoal laminate modesty.
      • The One-Touch Flip-Top mobile table base is silver only with charcoal plastic accents.
      • The 1-inch work surface is available in a choice of 6 laminate colors, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Wild Cherry, Natural Pear, and Mahogany.
      • One-Touch Flip-Top mobile table easily folds by pressing the button on either side of the table base. Once in the folded position, tables can be nested together when not in use.
      • Casters on the One-Touch Flip-Top mobile table are lockable.
      • When the grommet is specified, it will be centrally located along the back edge of the work surface.
      • The One-Touch Flip-Top table is shipped locked down.
      • The One-Touch Flip-Top has 3 different types of tables, there is a table without grommets, with grommets, and with power and data grommet.
    • Accessories:
      • A metal modesty panel, tray, and variety of power and wire management options can be specified separately to increase the functionality of the One Touch Flip Top mobile table.
      • The metal modesty is charcoal only. When specified, it replaces the standard laminate modesty.
      • The accessory tray is silver only, attached to the underside of the table, and folds to accommodate nesting.
      • The ganging mechanism is black only and fits into the predrilled holes on the underside of the one-touch table.
    • Power, Data, and Wire Management:
      • The modesty mounted wire management trough is silver only and must be specified to match the width of the modesty to which it will be attached.
      • The floor feed flexible wire manager is 32-inches long, available only in grey, and has cabling capacity for two workstations with physical separation between power and data. It easily mounts to the underside of a table using the fasteners provided. The integral flexibility allows the base to be placed anywhere within a 10-inch radius. The base plate in 8-inches in diameter.
      • The trough mounted power box is silver only and includes four power simplexes. It does not come with any electrical harnesses.
      • The trough mounted data box is silver only and includes one RJ11 outlet, one RJ45 outlet, and a spare opening. It does not come with any data cables.
      • The electrical starter has one male end while the other end is meant to plug directly into a power outlet.
      • The electrical harness is equipped with two male ends. Specify the length of the electrical harness to be the same width as the table, fewer two inches. Refer to local codes for limits or restrictions on harness length.