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This is Oklahoma Correctional Industries…

Oklahoma Correctional Industries is a division of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. OCI utilizes offender labor, along with salaried supervisors and administrative staff, to provide various products and services to qualified customers throughout the state of Oklahoma. The concept of prison work programs is not a new one and the Oklahoma program has operated in some form since shortly after statehood. The industries program in Oklahoma was all but destroyed during a prison riot at the state penitentiary in 1973. The program, as it stands today, was established in the mid-1970's and has grown significantly to include 23 operations located within nine state correctional facilities. OCI employs approximately 72 salaried personnel and an average of 1050 offender personnel. Current plans for expansion of OCI operations and product lines ensure continued future growth and employment.

The Major Goal of OCI is to provide HOPE for the future.

  • Helping the offender worker to learn the work ethics needed to function in a productive career by providing meaningful employment during their period of incarceration.
  • Oklahoma made products and services built with pride, confidence, and know-how that Oklahoma workers are famous for providing.
  • Providing the offender worker a useful skill with the hope that it will be utilized after the term of incarceration has been completed.
  • Economically, conserving taxpayer's money by providing quality products and services to eligible customers at competitive market prices.

While the Oklahoma industries program is extensive, it costs the taxpayers of this state absolutely nothing. Oklahoma Correctional Industries is entirely self-supporting. The salaries of all administrators, factory superintendents, sales representatives, support personnel, and offender workers are paid with monies generated from the sale of OCI products and services rather than state appropriated funds. In addition to salaries, all equipment and materials required for production is purchased from these revenues.

Section 549.1 and Title 57 of the Oklahoma State Statute authorizes Oklahoma Correctional Industries' activities. A complete copy of this law can be found under - About Us - Procurement Schedule. This statute requires all state agencies to consult with OCI prior to the purchase of the products or services. If OCI is able to provide a comparable product or service, at a competitive price in a reasonable amount of time, the agency is required to purchase the product from OCI. Additionally, all counties, districts, cities, or any related subdivision thereof, schools, or any other charitable not-for-profit organization may place direct orders for goods and services from OCI without utilizing the competitive bid process.

Oklahoma Correctional Industries is dedicated to providing quality products and services at reasonable prices with a prompt delivery schedule. This catalog has been designed to make it as easy as possible to order from OCI. We are constantly growing and expanding to meet the needs of our customers and to employ more offender workers and from time to time, we will issue supplemental pages with additional products and services as well as specification and price changes for existing product lines.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at our Customer Service Department.

Toll-Free 1-800-522-3565

Local 405-964-7200


E-mail us: OCI Customer Service