Non-Destructive Scanning

Yearbook Project

Overhead scanner

OCI uses a special-purpose book scanner with the latest software technology to safely convert books or other printed materials to a digital format on DVD. Books are placed on a floating table and scanned in a manner that does not require their unbinding or alteration. This works especially well for older books of great value, as they are scanned and then returned to the customer in the originally received condition.

Scanning books or other materials is a way to preserve them and keep them safe from unexpected events such as floods, fires, hurricanes or other natural disasters. Additionally, digital copies save worry about books being lost or damaged while out on loan. Book scanning is the most effective and efficient means of book storage.

A special service is available through OCI called the Yearbook Project. This service allows high schools to have their yearbooks scanned and processed at no cost. OCI recognizes that high school yearbooks are of irreplaceable historic value.

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Flatbed scanner

Features and Capabilities:

  • Non-destructive scanning process
  • Storage on DVD
  • JPEG Image Format
  • Images are scanned at 300 dpi
  • Books and materials are scanned and then returned


  • Archival purposes
  • Reduces storage space and cost
  • Protection of valuable and irreplaceable materials
  • Ability to provide full or partial reprints from the DVD final product
  • DVD provides easy access and viewing of scanned material
  • DVD allows viewing without physically handling the original material
  • No costs to high schools for The Yearbook Project service
  • Schools can duplicate yearbook DVDs and sell copies as fundraisers

For more information concerning The Yearbook Project, please contact us at (405) 527-0830 or (405) 527-4825, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Central Time.