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Tayco Cosmopolitan
Cosmopolitan Series by Tayco
Tayco Cosmopolitan
Cosmopolitan Series by Tayco

Computer Ease

Computer workstations adjust to the person and the equipment. Optional electrical/communication raceway base brings power and telephone lines within easy reach. Specially designed computer work surfaces meet specific needs: sharing a monitor, capitalizing on corner spaces or accommodating adjustable or stationary keyboards.

ESI Edge
Edge by ESI


Versatile Work Surfaces

Work surfaces help people be at their productive best whether they are operating computers, doing paperwork, or having a conference. Work surfaces are available with non-glare laminate surfaces, rounded corners, and in a variety of depths, lengths, shapes and sizes. Steel cantilevered brackets attach work surfaces to panels so workers’ legroom is not obstructed.

Optional florescent task lights, concealed under shelf of flipper door units, are available in 24 inch, 36 inch, or 48 inch lengths, as well as in variable intensity.

ESI Vivid LE
Vivid LE by ESI


Storage Answers

From units devoted entirely to storage to ingenious options that make the most use of every inch of lateral and overhead space, this system gives you a place for everything.

Sturdy file drawer units - hang-on, mobile, or freestanding and pencil drawers - put materials wherever they are needed. Flipper doors and shelves provide convenient storage overhead. A variety of accessories, such as letter trays, paper sorters and file tubs, quickly organize any office.

No Wasted Space

Accommodating one to six units each, cluster workstations utilize limited space and can be designed for privacy and storage. Equipment needs can be met for everything from telemarketing, sales, data entry, or customer service personnel, to students and applicants.

Attention to Detail

Post cover plates, which coordinate with panel fabrics, install quickly for straight line or intersecting panels for a professionally finished appearance. Hardwood caps add an executive touch to all panels.

Panels are offered in a generous array of lengths and heights. Fabrics are available in tackable, fire-rated or acoustic, half-open or half-glazed construction. Open panels make it easy to pass materials from one workstation to another. Half-glazed panels visually expand work areas.

Tables for Every Job

Sturdy tables fit the space and the worker. You can choose from adjustable computer task tables (available with one or two work surfaces), conference, round, freestanding task or panel-hung task tables.

The easy flexibility of all the components we offer gives you a decided advantage in adjusting areas to accommodate workers in compliance with the A.D.A. (Americans With Disabilities Act), effective July 26, 1992, for offices with 25 or more employees.Space Planning

OCI can analyze your work space and help you design an office plan that will best meet your needs. We can provide recommendations and assist you in organizing your office system. Let our professionals assist you in designing the most efficient office possible.

Tayco Collaborate
Tayco Collaborate
Tayco Collaborate
Tayco Collaborate

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