For Tax-supported agencies and nonprofit charitable agencies:

All products ordered by purchase order are invoiced after delivery. Although every effort is made to deliver your order complete, we will partial invoice if it becomes necessary to backorder a portion of your order. Additionally, OCI invoices are initially processed from the manufacturing locations, therefore, you may receive more than one invoice against the same purchase order if your products were manufactured at separate locations. You will receive a monthly statement regarding your account. This statement reflects all outstanding invoiced products as of the end of the previous month. Statements may not reflect payments received during the first few days of the current month.

Customers will complete their order online and receive order confirmation at that time. The transaction itself will be held until the ordered product is ready for shipment. The credit card will be charged at the time the product is shipped.

If you have a question concerning a statement, receipt of an invoice, or a billing amount on an invoice, we request that you contact our Finance Department directly at (405) 425-7532.

For Employees or Retirees of the State of Oklahoma or any political subdivision:

All purchases by qualified employees or retirees will be prepaid by check or money order made payable to Oklahoma Correctional Industries or by credit card, either online or at OCI Headquarters, 3402 North Martin Luther King Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73111. Separate invoices will not be sent.