Image Review and Verification



Many states are now using automated systems to enforce compliance and collect tolls on toll roads and reduced speed zones. These systems use cameras to capture images of violators’ license plates and OCR software to obtain the license numbers. Although helpful, this system is not complete. Human operators are needed to verify the information provided by the software.

OCI Data Services will work with you to design a comprehensive, efficient, cost-effective and customized image review solution. Our trained operators will manually verify toll transactions from your transponder-based, image-based, or pay-by-plate system, and then return that data to you via automated processes.

Custom Solutions:

If you already have verification software, OCI operators can use your in-house software to manually review image data to your specifications. Alternately, OCI can work with you to design a custom solution for transferring your toll transaction images and data to us on a regular basis. Our trained operators will manually verify your data, which will be returned to you at the end of each business day.

OCI uses a double-blind entry system to ensure accuracy. Each record is entered and manually verified. Quality Control operators examine records when there is a difference between the information provided by the Data Entry operator and the Verifier, which increases accuracy.

In addition to license number and state, rejected records contain a code that specifies the reason the record was rejected (e.g., emergency, government, bad image, etc.). OCI will work with you to determine the rejection codes that will best suit your needs.

OCI Data Services has over 20 years of electronic data entry and verification experience, and our highly skilled data entry operators are trained for each project with a focus on the customer’s needs.

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Features and Capabilities:

  • Manual verification of violation data using either your software or ours
  • Automated upload/download of images and data
  • Batches processed each business day
  • Custom data fields
  • Standard data format


  • Save up to 50% compared to in-house processing
  • Ensure accuracy of toll transaction data
  • Complete turnkey service
  • Save time, labor, and training
  • Clear out that backlog