Employment Opportunities

Oklahoma Correctional Industries (OCI) is an integral part of the Department of Corrections. OCI is a self-supporting entity that employs offenders that lack marketable job skills. These skills are attained through our well-managed correctional industries programs that allow for the offenders' successful return to society. This enables OCI to offer customers quality products at a reasonable price and results in significant overall tax savings to the general public. OCI has 13 locations across the State of Oklahoma with 18 Factories, four PIECEP and 11 Partnerships, historically averaging an employment base of 1200 offenders. OCI employs 90 professional staff educated and experienced in all phases of modern corporate business administers OCI's operations. Funds are appropriated for facility expansions. In addition to the public sector industries, Oklahoma Correctional Industries also manages a program which utilizes offenders who work for the private sector in two businesses that involve telemarketing and video commercial generation.